Iconic adventures in time and space ...

The travels of the Doctor.

Iconic adventures through time and space ...
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A Doctor Who Icontest

Welcome to dw_icontest!

This is a Doctor Who Icontest, devoted to the world's longest running science fiction show. We are dedicated to giving you great challenges every week, with a wide variety of subjects to choose from, from both Classic and New Whodom, and even expanding into the rest of the Whoniverse. So come one, come all, Whovians and newcomers alike! Join the icontest and show us just how good an iconist you truly are!

The challenges are weekly, 5 subjects per challenge, one icon allowed per subject. Subjects will be New Who, Classic Who and a selected weekly theme that could be anything, including other shows related to the series or general topics. Voting is held at the end of every cycle, and announcement of winners will immediately follow the close of voting. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as a Mod Pick. In the future, there may also be a Runner Up or special awards like Best Color or Best Text, but it will depend on the volume of submissions. There might also be best of the month awards ahead. So tell your friends!

We are always looking for Banner Makers! Please comment here to become a banner maker!


[01] Only 1 entry per contest. There are 5 contests per week for you to pick and choose from, plus special contests randomly and one monthly contest per month. Banners will be handed out when the voting period closes and winners are chosen. (Banner Makers Needed!)
[02] Text, color, brushes, textures, blurring are all allowed unless specified otherwise. Animation is only allowed on animation specified challenges.
[03] Icons must follow the LJ standards: 40k and 100x100 or less or you will be asked to edit your icon (if it's noticed before the voting). If not, the icons will be disqualified for the week.
[04] Submissions are to remain anonymous. You may not post your icons anywhere else before the current challenge is over, otherwise you will be disqualified for that week. After the voting is closed you are free to display your icon anywhere you like.
[05] Don't be afraid to join if you're a beginner. You have to start somewhere! Icon challenges are great practice!
[06] Submit your entry/entries as a comment to the original challenge post, otherwise it could be lost.
[07] Please do not vote for your own icon! If you do so, your entire vote will not be counted. Also, gathering friends to vote for you is discouraged.
[08] We recommend using www.photobucket.com for your image hosting. Tip: LJ does not support icons off of AOL's FTP. Also, do not use LJ to host your icons as they can be easily viewed by other members.
[09] Icons must be newly created - no using icons that were made previous to the challenge. It's called a 'challenge' for a reason.
[10] All comments to submission posts will be screened so only you and I will see your entry.
[11] If you wish to use an icon seen here, please ask and credit the maker.
[12] HAVE FUN! Remember that this is a game, and while you may not win this week, there's always next week.

Any questions can be directed here, to the FAQ, or directly to the Mod, moira_fae11.


You must be a member of the community to participate!
Submissions should be made to the same post in which the challenge was given. Otherwise your submission may be lost.
Please submit all icons to the challenge post in the format below:


For your submitting ease, here's one you can copy and put your icon info into:


New Challenge posted: Sunday/Monday
Icons due: Friday
Voting opens: Friday/Saturday
Voting closes: Sunday
Winners Announced: Sunday/Monday

Please visit the Hall of Fame to look at our past challenges and links to our winners!
Search our tags to take a look back at past Challenges!


Your Mod: moira_fae11
Your Assistant Mod: kennedy_unknown
Official Vote Counter: kennedy_unknown
Banner Makers: excelisdecays, darththalia, theladylillith, tubby2747, azumauta, benelie & moira_fae11

If you would like to join the dw_icontest staff, drop us a line here.

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