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10 November 2008 @ 06:10 pm
The ball ...  
It has been dropped. So sorry everyone, for letting this go. As you can probably imagine, both my assistant and I got really busy (or sick, in his case), and as a result, the ball, she was dropped. My sincere apologies to everyone who's been waiting for results from the past two contests. I want to get you those results before any new challenges appear. I'm slowly becoming freer as this week goes past, so I'm hoping to get some things done here before the week is out. If we don't have a new challenge sometime this week, I can assure you that we WILL have one next week ... but I want to get the results from the last two votes done first.

Again, so sorry, mes amis. I know we've been inconsistent of late, and I appreciate your bearing with us. ^^