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16 October 2008 @ 10:53 pm
dw_icontest Challenge 58: Early Last Day Reminder!  
Tomorrow's supposed to be the last day to submit icons to this week's challenge! You have about 25 hours until the submissions close and voting should begin. However, if there aren't a few more icons than what we have at the moment, I may make the executive decision to leave the Submission Post open one more day through Saturday. We shall see! Pleaaaaase enter!

This week's subjects are S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion, Five & Turlough, and Davros & the Daleks. It's a very nice (if small) turn out so far, but we can definitely use more entries, especially in the Various category! You have until 12 am PST to submit any final entries. Then I will close the submission post and open the voting post.

Right now the count stands at:
06 - New Who A Entries
05 - New Who B Entries
03 - Classic Who A Entries
03 - Classic Who B Entries
03 - Various Entries

Please come join in. I look forward to seeing all of them!

Go here and submit! Voting starts soon.