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The ball ...

It has been dropped. So sorry everyone, for letting this go. As you can probably imagine, both my assistant and I got really busy (or sick, in his case), and as a result, the ball, she was dropped. My sincere apologies to everyone who's been waiting for results from the past two contests. I want to get you those results before any new challenges appear. I'm slowly becoming freer as this week goes past, so I'm hoping to get some things done here before the week is out. If we don't have a new challenge sometime this week, I can assure you that we WILL have one next week ... but I want to get the results from the last two votes done first.

Again, so sorry, mes amis. I know we've been inconsistent of late, and I appreciate your bearing with us. ^^
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Challenge 58 Voting Post!

It's time to vote for Challenge 58! This week's subjects are S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion, Five & Turlough, and Davros & the Daleks. Please look under the cut to view the wonderful submissions from this week. We're counting on you to look at them, judge them on how well they fit the category topic, weigh their pros and cons and pick your favorites.

Voting Rules
1. Please use all three votes for each section! Tell us which is your first, second, and third favorite.
2. Please do not vote anonymously - we cannot count your vote otherwise!!!
3. Please do not vote for yourself!
4. Do encourage others to come and vote! Do not gather others to vote for you.
5. All entries are anonymous, and will be kept so until after voting closes.
6. All entries will be hosted on my personal Photobucket until a week after voting closes.
7. Use all three votes for each section. If you do not, your vote will not be counted! Each ballot must be full or the votes won't be equal.

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dw_icontest Challenge 58: Extension Notice

There weren't as many entries as I'd wanted by last evening, so I've left the post open, and it looks like it's working!

Right now the count stands at:
15 - New Who A Entries
14 - New Who B Entries
08 - Classic Who A Entries
10 - Classic Who B Entries
08 - Various Entries

So, I'm leaving the submission post open until the end of this evening, 12 am-ish MST (7 am GMT). Until then, feel free to submit icons and I'm going to try and have at least one more voting tally this evening sometime as well. Remember, the subjects are S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion, Five & Turlough, and Davros & the Daleks!

Please come and submit icons here!
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dw_icontest Challenge 58: Early Last Day Reminder!

Tomorrow's supposed to be the last day to submit icons to this week's challenge! You have about 25 hours until the submissions close and voting should begin. However, if there aren't a few more icons than what we have at the moment, I may make the executive decision to leave the Submission Post open one more day through Saturday. We shall see! Pleaaaaase enter!

This week's subjects are S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion, Five & Turlough, and Davros & the Daleks. It's a very nice (if small) turn out so far, but we can definitely use more entries, especially in the Various category! You have until 12 am PST to submit any final entries. Then I will close the submission post and open the voting post.

Right now the count stands at:
06 - New Who A Entries
05 - New Who B Entries
03 - Classic Who A Entries
03 - Classic Who B Entries
03 - Various Entries

Please come join in. I look forward to seeing all of them!

Go here and submit! Voting starts soon.
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Challenge 58: S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion // Five and Turlough // Davros and the Daleks

It's finally time for Challenge 58! This week we'll end on Friday night, unless there aren't enough entries, and then I'll extend to Saturday, due to the 'lateness' of this being posted. ;)

So, I hope you think this week's subjects are as exciting as I think they are! First, your New Who subject is the very first Ten adventure, The Christmas Invasion. Of course, it's hard to say it's a Ten adventure, because he's asleep half the time, trying to survive his regeneration! Meanwhile, Rose, Jackie and Mickey are torn between trying to help him and figuring out what to do as a gigantic spaceship appears in the sky over London! Your Classic Who challenge is Five and Turlough. Vislor Turlough was originally a double agent for the Black Guardian, but found himself too loyal in the end to the Doctor to carry out his 'assignment'. The ruthless, cunning ginger from Trion was slightly cowardly and often captured, but was, in the end, always a faithful companion to Five, and now we want you to icon them together! Finally, for your Various challenge, it's Davros and the Daleks. Icon that age-old enemy of the Doctor from any era, New or Classic, along with his menacing pepperpot minions.

This week's challenges:
New Who A: S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion (I choose the picture)
New Who B: S2x00 - The Christmas Invasion (You choose the picture)
Classic Who A: Five and Turlough (I choose the picture)
Classic Who B: Five and Turlough (You choose the picture)
Various: Davros and the Daleks (You choose the picture)

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Right now the count stands at:
15 - New Who A Entries
14 - New Who B Entries
08 - Classic Who A Entries
10 - Classic Who B Entries
08 - Various Entries

All due by: Friday, Oct. 17 Saturday, Oct. 18
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Mod Post // The Next Challenge ...

Well, due to the whole catching up that's been going on, I want to make sure that all the voting gets done and that the comm gets caught up with a lot of other things. So, we're going to hold off on Challenge 58 until Monday, when hopefully we can get back to the 'usual' schedule. :)

Until then, vote! <3
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Challenge 55 Winner Post!

Finally! Congratulations to all the winners! Your banners will be posted as soon as they are ready. The new submission post will be up in an hour or two. Don't forget to enter again this week!

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Entries will be unscreened and caps will be removed. This post will be linked to the Hall of Fame post. Please ask before using someone's icon, and credit the maker properly!